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In the context of theory and practice, this special issue of the Journal of Economic Theory on financial market innovation and security design. The main focus is on security design in incomplete financial markets, possibly with asymmetrically informed

Investment banks that create new products do not charge higher prices in the brief period of ‘monopoly’ before imitative products appear, and in the long-run charge prices below, not above, those charged by rivals offering imitative products


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Manoj varma

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Mr.Manoj Varma is the founder of LMV financial services. He started the LMV financial services in 2015 November 31st.

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Aims to be the most useful, reliable and efficient provider of Financial Services. It is our continuous endeavour to be a trustworthy partner to our clients, helping them protect and grow their wealth, and achieve their life goals.


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To serve our clients with utmost dedication and integrity so that we exceed their expectations and build enduring relationships.we always give honest and unbiased financial solutions and earn our cilent's everlasting trust.


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Our service really begins when you have completed your first transaction through us. Our aim is to be continuously be in touch with you with new offerings.

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